Diamante Hat

One day in August I was feeling uninspired by the last, unopened skein of yarn I had on-hand. It was a dark gray, chunky-weight yarn I had used for the first pair of mittens I knit. When I told Chad how I felt, he immediately said, "I'd wear a hat in that color." It was all the inspiration I needed.

I got busy knitting a swatch, excited by the idea of designing a hat that was more masculine vs. feminine. I second-guessed myself a few times during the process (was it masculine enough, interesting enough, etc.) but when Chad approved the final swatch, I knew it was a keeper.

I called it the "Diamante" hat for two reasons. First, the purl bumps along the wide ribbing of the hat body form small diamonds. Second, the Spanish language is near to my heart. One half of my family speaks Spanish. And, over the past year, I studied it to the point of almost becoming fluent. Almost. It's a lifelong dream I need to work on a little more.

Watching a design grow on the needles is still a novelty to me. I love the immediacy of working with yarn and that feeling when you start to see the design you envisioned, actually sitting in front of you. It's also incredible how much my knitting has improved since August (it's October as I write this). The orange yarn peeking out at the top of this photo was a life-line. It was the last time I felt like I had to use one because I was worried I might lose my knitting if I had to frog back for some reason. Two months later, I'm a much more confident knitter.

 Yesterday I published the Diamante Hat knitting pattern, my first design for men. But in truth, women can wear it, too! Chad was a good sport and modeled the hat for me. ♥

I invite you to check it out. It's a quick knit that's great for beginners. And, if you'd like to join my email list to be notified of new pattern releases, please sign up here.

Happy knitting!