This may sound strange, but this upcoming beanie pattern has a soundtrack. We're only two weeks away from Thanksgiving, but I've been ready for Christmas - including the festive music, decorations, and celebrating the gift of that first Christmas - since October.

As I knit with the red yarn, the cream yarn, then with the red yarn again, a song ran through my head over and over again. It's a song that stops me in my tracks each time I hear it: "Noel" featuring Lauren Daigle.

"Love incarnate, love divine, star and angels gave the sign"..."Unto us a child is born, He shall reign forevermore"..."Noel, Noel, come and see what God has done. Noel, Noel, the story of amazing love. The light of the world, given for us."

In a year that's been trying in many ways, shifting my focus back to God's love, fills me with incredible peace - a peace that's contrary to anxiety, worry, and sadness. It's human to let those things into my life at times, but I never have to keep them around like an unwanted guest.

So, I'm calling this pattern "Noel" and hope to have it published in time for Christmas.

Do you need a few moments of peace in your life? Go ahead, click over to the song on YouTube, close your eyes and listen to the lyrics. The light of the world was given for you. ♥

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