When I published the Gray Fox Beanie knitting pattern, my aunt texted me and said she's a beanie freak and loves snap-on poms. I immediately thought, "Snap-on poms - that's a thing?". Keep in mind poms, in general, are new to me. 😁 So, I followed a link she sent and sure enough, they most definitely exist. It's a genius idea. Just swap out the pom depending on your mood that day.

Well, faux fur poms were in my future anyway, so I decided to get a sampler from Barrett Wool Co., since I've really enjoyed following Susan Anderson on Instagram. Naturally, I had to get one in plum and one in red. ♥

Right now they are buy 3 get 3 free, are just the right size and arrive in adorable packaging. Highly recommended!  You can find them here.

p.s. This isn't an affiliate link. I'm just a happy customer!

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